13 Facts You Might Find Interesting About Me

1. I was born a blonde. Yes, a true bonafide blonde! And to prove it, you can check out the fine trail of blonde hairs going down the middle of my back. It’s always a favorite of photographers.

2. At the age of 4 years old, I climbed my first mountain. No, not Mt. Everest, but something a little more suited to my size. Yet, nonetheless, still an extraordinary feat for a little one.

3. I can stick my legs behind my head, both at the same time and keep them there for quite a while 😮

4. I have an overly keen sense of smell, so I do not wear perfumes and prefer my partner not wear any scents either. Keeping things natural is more my style.

5. None of the clocks in my house work and I do not resonate well with the concept of time. I can be punctual but really dislike deadlines and time constraints. I give new meaning to the word timeless, literally and figuratively.

6. Every night I sleep with three pillows. Sorry guys, looks like you have a little competition.

7. With an exclusive boyfriend, I once had sex for 24 hours pausing only for a handful of minor breaks. (We all know how I enjoy marathons!).

8. I’m obsessed with news and current events; political, economic, financial, and educational programing such as documentaries. There is a boring side to me too you know.

9. I can make jewelry but I rarely wear any jewelry myself. I Still love it as a gift, however, and I’m more than happy to make something for my girlfriends!

10. I’m basically the same size and weight I was as a teenager but with a couple more added curves now. I know, a lot of women do not want to hear that but I hope it can be an incentive to inspire others to eat a more raw vegan or natural diet. I’m very grateful and blessed for what I have.

11. As gregarious and social as I am, I’m actually singular in my path and prefer to spend much time alone. I definitely do not congregate in cliques nor follow any herds. I’m very happy to spend endless hours working on projects quietly by myself and I’m never lonely.

12. Believing in a conventional relationship or the institution of marriage as we know it is no longer fitting to my person. I do not agree in cohabitation nor being co-dependent on another being. (This will probably cost me a lot of brownie points with suitors who have their eyes pinned on me for the long-term.) May the best man try to win. Catch me if you can 😉

13. I still do not own a pair of Louboutins…I know, I know…then buy me a pair! In the mean time I will buy unique, Italian-made where only a handful exist on the planet or something custom-made (I’ll design it myself!).

14. And lastly, I’m not at all superstitious, but in case you are, I added this one 😉

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I’ve decided to share with you something that was given to me a couple of days ago by my healers. Some will find it fascinating and be drawn in while others will take a pass; it is of by no coincidence either. I felt it appropriate for the occasion as well as an opportunity for those who so wish to know me on a deeper level. As a student of spiritual studies and a born Intuitive/Sensitive, I look at life on a much deeper level and my motivations in life generally support such. A growth of the soul would explain why people outgrow one another and certain ideas and beliefs are no longer fitting to us. I’m experiencing this now.

A SOUL CHART helps you understand where your soul is in its journey. Just as you do as a living being, a soul grows from an infant to an elder; from inexperienced to wise. In order to gain experience, your soul chooses a set of traits and goals for each lifetime. You create experience or karma in the early stages and you pay it back in the later lifetimes. Every lifetime moves your soul closer to karmic balance and spiritual enlightenment. This is my Soul Chart:


YOUR TRUE SOUL AGE:   Each soul is a certain age: Infant, Baby, Young, Mature and Old, which are divided further in seven levels. Soul Age identifies how old we are on this planet, not how many planetary cycles we have experienced. Even if you are a very old soul planetary-wise who came out of the Tao, the Source, or Universal Oneness eons ago, you still will start out as an Infant on each new planet you chose to live on. Each and every soul must go through all the stages of maturity, with each level consisting of several lifetimes. You remain at that level until you achieve all the goals necessary to move to the next level. An Old Soul is no better than a Young Soul — we all have gone through these ages — just as all of us have grown from childhood to adult. A soul age can never regress — only move forward.


OLD SOULS:   These souls are the teachers. They have gone through all the soul ages and now are ready to help the younger souls with their journey. They realize that they are only a small part of the whole and can see the connection between everything else and themselves. An Old Soul takes the longest time to realize their true soul age in a lifetime because they have to manifest all the other soul ages before reaching their true Old Soul age. Many don’t reach it until they are in their 50’s or 60’s. They dislike having to conform to a 9-to-5 job and are much happier in a job that allows them freedom. They are usually ready to retire at a very early age. They rarely pursue a higher education, unless it is to learn about a certain subject. They do have high standards of excellence, but only if there are good reasons to follow through. If they don’t like what they are doing, they are quite willing to quit entirely. They gravitate toward gardening, teaching, and counseling and find solace in natural surroundings. Money and fame mean nothing to them, other than a means to an end (i.e., Redford and Newman used their wealth and fame to help others). They see inner beauty rather than outer and don’t try to stop (or conceal) the aging process – seeing it as a natural part of life. Their medicine is usually holistic. Old Souls can take as many or as few lifetimes to complete the entire seven levels of this soul age. It is entirely up to them. However, all their karma must be finished before they can cycle off. When they reach the higher levels (5-7), little bothers them. They become detached from the world, so to speak, and begin seeing things on a higher level. Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Katherine Hepburn, Kurt Russell, Grace Kelly, John Lennon and Sting are Old Souls.

LEVEL 1 – This is the level of introduction, in which you experiment with the new soul age. First level souls operate mostly from the previous soul age and often slip back into that mode. You are just starting to understand this new soul age. This is a growing up level.

YOUR MANIFESTING SOUL AGE:   Also, no matter what your true soul age is, you start each lifetime as an Infant soul, then progress through the soul ages and levels until you reach your true soul age. This is called Soul Manifestation. You cannot manifest an older soul age or level than your true soul age. There is no time limit to start manifesting your true soul age: it might take many years or it might happen overnight. Often, after receiving your Soul Chart reading and learning your true soul age, you will start manifesting closer to that age. However, the older your soul is, the longer it will take to get there – since your soul has to go through all the younger soul ages and levels to reach your true soul age.


MATURE SOULS:   These are the souls who are beginning to look into alternative religions and ways of life. They are open and curious. Relationships are all important. It is no longer the “me” attitude of the Young Soul, rather they now have a “we” attitude. Relationships and long-term partnerships are very important to a Mature Soul. When they reach the 4th level, they are often involved in causes, whether it be contributing money or actively working for world hunger, peace, animal rights, etc. They are the warriors on the Greenpeace ships facing the Young soul whalers, the people replanting the forests, and the animal activists. Mature souls are capable of leaving everything behind (jobs, wealth, etc.) to pursue a life that is much simpler. When they reach the 5th level, they begin to open spiritually and can feel the upcoming Old Soul age. This can be very stressful and frightening for they are changing from the inside and sometimes cannot understand what is happening to them. When this happens, a Mature soul may retreat from the world and just want to be left alone until he can figure things out. Mature souls often give themselves lifetimes of turmoil and drama in order to open themselves emotionally. Mature souls can immerse themselves in or attract situations that seem adverse to others yet are important lessons to them on their brave journey. Around 25 lifetimes are needed to complete this age. Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Bono (U2), Julia Roberts, Paul McCartney, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Richard Gere are Mature Souls.

LEVEL 6 – This level is one of the busiest levels because it is where you either complete accumulated karma from prior lifetimes or if a younger soul, you create more karmic debt for yourself. This is not only karmic debt you owe, but debt that people owe you. However, remember that this karma is spread over many lifetimes and you are not expected to resolve it all in one lifetime. Sixth level souls are more outgoing than usual in order to reach the right people for their karmic debt. A Sixth level Baby soul creates karma, which is often decided upon in a pre-birth soul contract. Karmic debt is created so that they can pay it back during future lifetimes in order to learn and achieve spiritual growth. Sixth level Mature is the most demanding of all the soul levels for they must complete a good portion of their karmic debt in order to move on to becoming an Old soul. For Matures, it often takes many lives to complete the level. Toward the end of this level, you begin to teach what you know in preparation for the seventh level. Old souls who have reached this level usually have little karmic debt left and sometimes combine Level 6 and Level 7 in the same lifetime in order to cycle off sooner.   


There are certain parameters which do not change but are part of the integral makeup of your Essence or soul. These include Frequency, Male/Female ratio, and Cycles (however, the number of cycles will increase each time you finish a cycle). Your essence is a stream of consciousness which stays with you from lifetime to lifetime. It is your higher self, your true soul, your inner self. Even though you may not remember everything that happened during your various lifetimes, your Essence remembers it all.


Each of our souls vibrates to a Frequency on a scale of one to a hundred. Slow frequencies feel steady, stable and substantial. Higher frequencies feel effervescent, ethereal and airy. Your soul was created with this frequency and it will never change. You feel more comfortable with people close to your own frequency. Those with slower frequencies tend to move through their experiences more slowly and with a greater steadiness than those with faster frequencies. Not to mean that they are slower in their actions, but that they tend to move through the steps of their lives more slowly, with a definite, regular rhythm. Those with rapid frequencies tend to buzz through lives, having the same amount of experience in 40 lifetimes that a slower frequency has in 70 lifetimes. No configuration is good or bad. Each is like a unique color scheme on a master painting.


Before the start of each lifetime, you choose goals and personality traits that will help you achieve those goals and also obstacles that will you need to overcome to gain more experience. You can choose to create karma or to pay it back. You can choose to help another soul on their karmic path. When you’ve finished your karmic journey (from Infant Soul to Old Soul) on this planet, you go to a new planet and start all over again. This is called a Cycle. However, you are a higher spiritual level than before. Think of a cycle like going to school over and over – each time you start in the first grade (Infant soul) and finally finish after high school (Old soul). On the next cycle or planet, you again start in the first grade, but the work is more advanced than the previous first grades. You never lose what you’ve learned with each cycle, rather you add to the knowledge.


Each soul has a certain percentage of male and female energy, regardless of the gender of your physical body. Male energy is directed, focused, goal-oriented and productive. It corresponds with left-brained thinking. Female energy is creative, process-oriented, and unstructured. The female energy conditions the environment while male energy structures it. This energy ratio remains the same forever, life after life, planet after planet.



Each soul has its own personality or essence, which, in the Soul Chart, is called a “role.” There are seven roles and your soul is one of these during its entire stay on this planet. For all its lifetimes on this planet, your soul is in the same role. When you finish this cycle and go to a new planet, you can change roles. You do have the choice of roles, but you must complete at least one cycle in each of the seven roles. You have your own primary role but that role is influenced by your soul’s helpers, your Twin Essence and your Task Companion. Therefore:



SAGE: Most Sages stand out in a crowd. They are animated, witty, rather talkative and often wise. They are creative and skilled in the use of words and expression. They are the most fun loving of all the roles. Language is their tool. They are gifted at expressing and creatively using words, putting language together in an unique and unusual way. A perfect example is Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, a simple yet amazingly eloquent two-minute speech that is regarded as one of the greatest speeches in American history. Sages are comfortable in large groups and seek attention. The Sage’s main goal is to bring humor and fun to everyone else and to teach them not to take life so seriously. Because of this, they are slow to mature. Of course, there are quiet Sages who don’t seek the spotlight, but those are usually working on karmic debt that requires them to stay in the background. Sages love information gathering like the Scholar does, but while the Scholar will store it, the Sage has an innate need to share it with everyone. About 11% of Earth’s population are Sages. Famous Sages are: Abraham Lincoln, Ellen DeGeneres, Anthony Hopkins, Oprah, Russell Crowe and Teddy Roosevelt.   


Essence Twins and Task Companions are souls who travel with you on your journey. Think of two sets of Twins – one set being you and your Twin Essence and the other you and your Task Companion. These souls were with you at your birth (when your soul came out of the Tao or Universal Energy) and are always close, but not always on the same path as you. If either your Twin or your Companion is disincarnate, then their roles are added to yours. For example, if a Scholar has a Sage Twin who is disincarnate, therefore that person would be a Scholar/Sage, adding their Twin’s Sage role to their own. An ESSENCE TWIN is a part of you, a reflection of yourself. Your Essence Twin is sometimes disincarnate and when that happens, his Role is even stronger within you. If your Twin is incarnate, sometimes you meet and become a part of each other’s lives — sometime you never meet. If you do meet, there is an instant sense of belonging and knowing. Your Twin reflects back your strengths and weaknesses. It is similar to looking into a mirror of your own soul. You don’t always get along with your Twin and he/she is not always a partner. A Twin can be a parent, a sibling, or a very good friend.


YOU ARE DESTINED TO MEET YOUR ESSENCE TWIN IN THE FUTURE SCHOLAR:   Scholars are neutral. They look neutral, they feel neutral and they respond neutrally. Because of this, they are often great mediators. It is often the hardest role to recognize because a Scholar can take on the characteristics of the other roles at different times. The Scholar is the information gatherer. They are curious and interested, always searching for new information and ways to achieve it. They can study one subject ad nauseum or they can learn bits of information on many subjects. The key is knowledge and obtaining it. Scholars can appear grounded and physically oriented like the Warrior; however, their sense of adventure is out of curiosity rather than challenge. They are not concerned with physical results, rather enlightenment. However, Scholars have more physical endurance than any other Role and are able to endure extremes of climate and adversity better. Since they store information and experiences in their bodies (kinesthetically), they have more physical problems, usually in the muscle tissue and bones. They have wide diversity in their various lifetimes. Scholars make up 13% of the population. Famous Scholars are: William Shakespeare, Jodie Foster, J.K. Rowlings, Dan Rather and Ken Burns.

TASK COMPANIONS are also souls who are helping you accomplish your goals and tasks of this cycle of life. If incarnate, your Task Companion might be a partner in a business or a co-worker; however, he/she might have a much smaller role — a teacher who gave you a push in the right direction, a boss who helped your career, a friend who gave you good advice, even a stranger who gave you a few dollars when you desperately needed it. You might not remember your Task Companion’s name, but you will remember the deed. Sometimes, if your Task Companion has karma of his/her own to work on, then he/she will not be a part of your life this time around. As with your Essence Twin, a disincarnate Task Companion can become one of your spirit guides.


YOUR TASK COMPANION IS DISINCARNATE AND THEREFORE A PART OF YOU PREIST:   The Priest role has nothing to do with religion, although a spiritual person might be in the Priest role. The essence of the priest role is compassion and the ability to serve others by inspiring them. They are driven to achieve a higher good and are often natural healers. They are not as concerned with physical things (including their own bodies) as are the other roles. Priests tend to be visionaries and are often involved in a number of projects at the same time. Sleep is a waste of time for them. Priests can become so obsessed with inspiring others that they overlook the accuracy of their information. Being both impulsive and visionary can get them killed (like Julius Caesar). They go through their cycle of lifetimes faster than the other roles because of their intensity. The Earth has only a small percentage (7%) of Priests. Famous Priests include: Princess Diana, Paul Newman, Jesse Jackson, Helen Keller and Sting. Finding your Twin or Companion: If your Essence Twin and/or Task Companion is incarnate and you are meant to meet him or her, think of how you felt when you first met the person you think might be your Twin or Companion. There would have been an instant feeling of familiarity, as if you had known them for a long time. Then think about their role as described above and see if they fit it. Also, your Twin or Companion would have the same number of cycles as you do and be close to your soul age (within a level or two).

NOTE:  The Soul Chart reads souls, not people. Therefore, if your Twin or Companion is someone who has crossed over, but has reincarnated, this person will read as “incarnate” because he/she is currently alive, just in a different body than when you knew them. Also, if a male has a higher female ratio than male ratio, that person might read as a “female” because there is no gender to a soul. And the same goes for a female who has a higher male ratio than female ratio.   


These are traits that you choose before each lifetime to facilitate your life purpose. They are designed to give you experience, spiritual growth and/or enable you to deal with creating or balancing karmic debt. The overleaves are the goal, obstacle, mode, attitude and center you have chosen for this current lifetime.


Your goal is what you have chosen in this lifetime to achieve. It is the motivator in your life. Your soul will create situations in order to achieve this goal.


ACCEPTANCE:  30% of the population. This goal is usually chosen by older souls who are in the later stages of resolving their karmic debt. Mature and Old souls chose Acceptance because it is oriented to resolving karma rather than creating it. This goal is often chosen by 6th level Matures who are trying to complete their karmic debts in order to move on to becoming an Old soul. People with this goal have a dual acceptance goal: they accept whatever occurs in their lives and they also want to be accepted by others. They have a difficult time saying “no” and can find themselves in situations that they have agreed on but then feel uncomfortable with. People in Acceptance mode can sometimes find themselves faced with tragedy or physical handicaps – acceptance of this is the key to spiritual growth. John F. Kennedy was rich and powerful but he also had much sadness and physical pain. Others with this goal are Old Soul Eleanor Roosevelt, Mature Soul Michael J. Fox and Young Soul John Travolta.


Your Chief Obstacle is the stumbling block that your Soul has set up make it harder to reach your Goal. It creates experience as we move toward achieving our goals. It prevents us from breezing through our lifetimes without learning or challenging ourselves.


MARTYRDOM:  Selflessness, sometimes to the point of zealotry. Greatest fear is of being victimized or taken advantage of by others. Always doing things to prove their worth. In the extreme, willing to die for their cause or belief. The negative pole is becoming passive-aggressive. Reaffirm your life with this mantra: “I deserve the blessings of life.” Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln suffered physically for their causes, while Joan of Arc, Princess Diana and Martin Luther King died for their causes. On the other hand, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter are using this obstacle to better the planet. Note: The Acceptance/Martyrdom combination is very hard to deal with. Your Acceptance goal makes you say yes to almost everything, but afterward your Martyrdom obstacle can kick in and you regret your hasty words. To overcome this, you need to learn to say “yes” only when you want to and not because you want to be accepted or liked. MODE Your Mode is the method or action you take to achieve your Goal. Your Goal is what you want to accomplish in this lifetime – your Mode is how you achieve it. It is how people do things: their style, their path.


OBSERVATION:  People in this Mode are not “colorful” or “flavorful” in their behavior in the way that people in the other Modes are. Rather, they are neutral observers, going through life as if they were watching it happen to others, but not to themselves. People in the Observation Mode tend to act as non-participants. It often surprises them when real life intrudes into their insulated space bubble, forcing them to grapple with it hands-on. They prefer to be spectators in the arena of events, witnesses to the game of life. They want to gain their experience, not by doing it themselves, but vicariously: by reading about it, watching it happen to others, or through entertainment and the media. This is a sort of scientific mode of behavior. They tend to view themselves with the same detached objectivity with which they views the world. This is the perfect mode for mediums and psychics as they can “see” events without feeling the associated emotions. This is a popular Mode for older souls as they have a more laid back sense of being than younger souls.


Your Attitude is the perspective of how you look at things, how you decide what to do. It governs how you form opinions about what is going on and how you fit in. Attitude reflects the concepts that you hold. From those concepts, you get feelings and then you act. By knowing your Attitude, you can understand why you see things differently from other people.


IDEALIST:   Idealists search for meaning in life, and they see it everywhere. They believe the universe is a friendly place, and they are friendly toward it and the people in it. Idealists in the extreme have a utopian view of the world. They see things through the proverbial rose-colored glasses. They see the world as a beautiful place, and they see how the world could be more beautiful, if only more people would get together, work together, and trust. Old Soul John Lennon created the perfect example of this vision with his song “Imagine.” This can be hard for Idealists expect the best from everyone and get disappointed when people do not measure up. They tend to forget that people are only human and make mistakes. Idealist can also expect perfection from themselves which can make them depressed, sick, or overworked. Be careful not to expect too much from yourself or from others. Remember that no one can be perfect and everyone has flaws.


Your center is how you do things without thinking. Your immediate reaction to people and events. It is how you react to a situation and how that reaction is expressed.


INTINCTIVE:  People in this Center respond impulsively to situations – they may react mentally, emotionally or behaviorally, but there is not rhyme or reason to their response. There is not figuring out what their motivation in because it does not come from the conscious part of the personality. It comes from the subconscious part and their actions are instinctive. The person in this Center is close to the elementary source of his awareness. They are aware with their natural, primordial urges. Inventors and scientists can use this Center to free themselves from conventions and norms. The connection to primal wisdom can help creator to connect to high creative forces. This is the favorite Center for the Warriors.

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Hey Dear Friends!

Welcome to my realm. As many have speculated by now, I’m not the typical stereotype of what a woman like myself should be. In fact, I probably will shock you, annoy you, or amuse you…but…I simply do not care. As I’ve always stated, I’m embracing who I truly am and make no apologies whatsoever. I am unapologetically ME; somewhat off-beat, slightly eccentric, a little bohemian-like, a bit nerdy, witty, sometimes very goofy, obviously sexy, classy, quite naughty, and a stong, fiercly independent woman. One quality that seems to baffle people is how much I love being alone. I guess that comes from many years of great hardship and rarely having anybody there to depend on, eventually forcing me to get to know myself, make the changes I didn’t like, and then learning to be my own best friend. And learning to embrace who I really am. Yes, I actually do love myself.

I’m not quite sure what actual topics I will be blogging about but I’m confident you will find them interesting, deep, funny, and sometimes even strange. Whatever it ends up being, I hope you will enjoy and find some amusement in it all. You might even learn something new. XOXO 🙂

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